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IT Support for businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk

We specialise in supplying and supporting network computer systems including servers, desktop and laptop computers, wired and wireless networks and data disaster recovery systems for businesses.

  • Business computer systems
  • Synchronised Email systems
  • Servers
  • Wired & Wireless Networks
  • Firewalls & Computer Security
  • Secure business data and back up solutions.

Do you need to network your office, secure your computers with a firewall or synchronise your emails with your computer and mobile?

If so please contact us to discuss your needs.

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Business Computer Systems

We supply, deliver and install new Windows computer systems. This includes laptops, desktop computers, printers, data storage, servers, wired or wireless network solutions.


Want to save some space? Our new micro computers are the latest and most cutting edge in computer design. At around 18cm by 18cm these machines are not only space saving but also extremely powerful, making it perfect for office environments!

Red Dune exceeded all of our needs and expectations... Martin - Tick Solutions


Business emails and storage solutions

We can provide you with the latest Office365 email accounts under a domain name of your choice. We setup and manage your emails to make sure they are safe and secure.


Security is our primary concern with emails. Using Office 365 we are able to retrieve old emails as well as keep them synchronized in the cloud to prevent loss. We can also seamlessly upload your old emails to new account if you decide to change it.


As well as emails, we can provide you with the latest online storage facilities such as OneDrive and SharePoint. These work as an online "server" for your business and allow as many people to access the files as you need. You can also restrict the files at your discretion.


Business Servers

We supply, deliver and install windows servers to provide a complete solution for your business. From file storage to virtual machines and everything in between. We support and maintain these servers using the latest technologies including software that can warn us before a fault develops


Wired & Wireless Networks

We design and build your computer networks to fit your business. From small offices and multi floor offices to long distance Wi-Fi we can supply all your network requirements. Using the latest technologies such as the Unifi Outdoor repeaters we can have your Wi-Fi travelling consistently over hundreds of meters while still providing a stable and secure connection


Firewalls & Computer Security

High security standards are vital to the success of any business. We use firewalls to secure the data stored on your computer networks. Our highly trained staff will keep you up to date by spotting weak links in your system and suggestion an upgrade if one is needed.


Secure business data and Back up Solutions

Data is the life blood of business, its safety is the difference between success and failure. Loss of data can cost a small business everything so our automated backup service, backs-up your data to our secure server, protecting you from data loss. We provide a free audit of your data and advise you on precautions we can take to prevent this from happening.

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So, if you need an IT solution for your business, call us today and speak to one of our highly trained experts.

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